There are alot of surface defects on this part, but let’s focus on some only to see the point of this post. See how differently defects appear for different light sources and angles.  For example right top corner – is…

Expert check DIY

No programming skills, but you need to set up automatic visual check anyway? No problem for this smart camera. All you need to is click the button and assign it a meaning. In this example, you set up position/rotation of…

AI Production Assistance


To check production steps was never easier for anyone who decides to improve quality checking. Simply mount Q2L AI powered camera over the table, facing your product. Setup inspection simply with standard web browser. Done. Enjoy!

Count free space in Warehouse

Do you have already camera in your warehouse and want to use it also for better online WH management? If you can provide image stream of your camera (IP, security etc.) you might be able to utilize it to count…