New Family member

AI enabled vision system. Features 24VDC power supply for better integration with industrial automation devices. New front glass protective design. 5 DIO available via compact M8 connector are configurable. All great features remains from previous 5VDC mobile version as 6xRGB…

WH inventory assistant

Automatic AGV connected platform for Inventory check as safer and economic alternative to drone inspection can reach shelves with telescopes 10 or 12m high.  safe devices for movement and reliable material tracking. Contact us for more detailed informations

Counting fast

Be honest… We are not very good in repetitive tasks… Human counting error causes the highest inventory losses, because repetitive tasks are processed unconsciously and ignored by our brain after certain cycles. Counting is one of the most primitive task…

Crypto A.I. trading bot

AicobotiX is currently working on automated trading bot internally called uBOT. This will provide online smart strategies for Cryptocurrency pairs as BTC and ETH with perpetual evaluation of previous trades, so it will adjust strategies dynamically. With non agressive approach…

Automotive parts

3D printing customer service provides different 3D technologies for customer parts. Here, this part is for automotive industry as part of large manipulator.