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With help of latest knowledge in image and data processing, we create easy to use products, where all the difficult part is hidden behind the scene.
We have solution, you can focus on your targets.
Andrej Bielik

Managing director, Stimba

With AicobotiX you get real professionals and partners in vision,  in all aspects of problem solving services. 

They have developed a complex AI-based QiCHECK™ SOLUTION for both – easy applications and really difficult ones.  

Stimba is a Universal robots integrator and we partnered with AicobotiX in several projects. One of them included inspecting the amount of transparent glue under the freshly pressed glass with tolerances of 0,1mm. Infinite variations and many constraints. We did it!

AicobotiX provides great system, service, remote updates, custom features and continuous improvement for the customer.

Pavol uhnak

Project Manager, FM logistic

After couple of years of searching for solution that would reliably check output of packaging line, I was lucky enough to meet AicobotiX. They provided us with QiCHECK™ SOLUTION that is reflecting our high expectetions – something that even bigger companies, with many years of experience, were not able to achieve.

The gentlemen have a highly pro-client approach and provide solutions even outside the scope of the work.

For me the rating is big A +++ (in case it is the maximum :-))

Marian Bachan

Managing director, DS Smart

We work with Aicobotix for 3D printing of plastic parts.

Thanks to their competence and experience, we could afford to design bold solutions for our devices.

Since I know AicobotiX’s attitude, I have no doubts, that every project  will be solved highly professionaly.

With this company you will find a reliable and friendly partner.

I am, personaly, looking towards further cooperation.

robert morvay
Robert Morvay

Engineering lead, Datalogic

We known Aicobotix since their inception and from the beginning we have established a successful cooperation with them.

At the beginning, it was about small production jigs where we checked their capabilities and prices.

Later they provided even various complex solutions.

I can highlight the sophisticated and nice design, the quality of workmanship as well as delivery time.

Their personal approach to each assignment is also invaluable.

Peter Juhás

Managing director, Merchant

We appreciate the correct cooperation with colleagues from AicobotiX.

Thanks to their enthusiasm, professional competence as well as serious approach, we managed to solve many difficult tasks together.

Their willingness and innovative thinking as well as productive outputs are a guarantee of a successful business.

I wish you much success and look forward to further joint projects.


Nr #1, Bestcompany

We hope you will be the next satisfied customer, that can write a good review here. We know you are special, as many of our existing customers, so we hope to find space for cooperation.


QiCHECK™ SOLUTION is our propriatery sytem that uses machine learning and other methods for image and data processing.

Developed in house. There are multiple options with one common feature


RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT is in our DNA that is why we deliver solutions  solving your problem.

This includes proof of concept, analysis, design, and even production


ROBOTS AND COBOTS are here to help increase productivity, lower costs and allow human to work on creative work instead of  repetitive activities.

We help you to choose the right approach that is


SOFTWARE, ELECTRONIC AND MECHANICAL PROTOTYPING makes sure future product is doable and all features are in specs as expected.

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