you will find more details and examples here covering  areas, where we can be helpful


           we offer different solutions for image analysis, that does not depend strictly on HW or Camera manufacturer. To bring expenses down to minimum, we provide solution, that can use standard USB camera, GoPro as well as industrial grade  USB3/GigE cameras. Does your device use HDMI output already? We have solution to grab these video data and process it in the same way. 

As small device, that will solve most of your needs and does not cost fortune, we created smart camera in compact form, that has metal housing. It is all-in-One device and all you need is to face the camera to the scene you want to analyze. User interface is build as web page, so you simply connect ethernet cable to configure it.  It’s name is QiCHECK 2 COMPACT Lite and you can find it in our e-shop.

Even we call is Lite, it is very powerful and has alot of easy to configure features. 

 Other powerful solutions includes assistant visual inspection box for your product like PCB and other similar objects, where detail in tenths of mm is important. It helps to check manual or semiautomatic operations, as soldering, gluing, screws, connectors or similar objects to have consistent quality production output even people get tired. Get your manual manufactory under control with this simple to use device.

If you have high demand for processing speed, large objects or conveyor based inspection we also have custom specific high performance system, that is still simple to use based on same principles as other products in our portfolio of vision systems

Our vision system is web browser-based, so you only need tablet or notebook to set it up. We offer mothly or yearly SMART subscription where all your data can be analysed and published on Dashboard for your production manager. In addition you get fast  hotline support. You do not need to have vision technitian or engineer inhouse. We will deal with it.

We have special offer for schools – Education demo KIT in rugged box with tripod and all cables and power supply with special sponzored price. Ready to present Industry 4.0 sensor to students ?

This might be your first step towards smart automation. Contact us for more details.


If you want to implement automation, but you are not sure how to do it, or if it is wort it, we can help. Automation does not have to be huge. Start with simple small devices and than add another if it makes sense for your production style.  

AicobotiX is focused on small and mid size companies and we understand financial constraints. Before you invest, you certailnly want to know, what overall impact it will have on your production.

With almost 20years of expertise in industrial automation incl. Automotive, Food processing, Electrotechnics, manufacturing engineering we are here to provide you with combination of the most valuable information that are related to your project situation. In addition, we are focused on the recent trends in automation and have clear view of options, that are available on the market.

If you want to simply start with smart solution but with minimum efford or you want to go bold with one or few cobots, we will be your right hand.

Check few of our examples here. What is your project?


Our solution can be integrated into different robots or cobots. In addition to possition check, we offer quality inspection, presence and completeness of complex products. With simplicity to set up the system, you are now capable to integrate smart automation within your production with minimum effort.


Even we are mostly focused on vision systems, smart automation and robotics, we do interresting side projects as create prototypes, small jigs or new version of product. We have our own 3D printing facility for plastic parts as large as 300x300x300mm, can supply with some CNC capability and manufacturing for small robotic cells. CAD/ECAD design capacity. Software development for your service is also an option. Contact us if you have open project that fit here.