There are alot of surface defects on this part, but let’s focus on some only to see the point of this post. See how differently defects appear for different light sources and angles. 

For example right top corner – is quite interresting. No postprocessing was made on those samples.

To see what is usually hidden for operator after last night party, good automatic vision system is quite helpful. Specialy for shiny metal parts or black plastic objects.  Proof of concept is very important here, to have clear idea, what is possible to catch with new vision system. Everything? Certainly not, well, kind of.

Our solution is powered by artificial intelligence so after you get satisfying picture quality, A.I. – neural network does the object detection for scratches, holes, cracks etc.  Another algoritm will than select O.K./N.O.K., communicate to the master system or can work alone.  Results of course, considers your reference samples.

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